Announcement From MyBlockX Exchange

Company Updates

January 20, 2023

Over the past eight months, there have been many discussions on implementing a smooth transition to the decentralization of MyBlockX Exchange from its centralized start-up phase. During transition, formation of a 10-Member MyBlockX Advisory Board will also take place. As part of the processes, I will transition from my role as Founder-CEO of MyBlockX Exchange to that of process consultant and by joining the newly formed Advisory Board, which has always been my intention.

The numerous responsibilities I’ve had for the past three years in the day-to-day management of MyBlockX will be delegated to appointed, experienced, corporate management personnel. The transition underway will ensure that MyBlockX becomes a recognized, decentralized Exchange, guided by its Advisory Board. 

Why Decentralized?

The crypto industry has been rocked recently by the charges against FTX and the significant fallout from that, as well as the losses reported by other centralized Exchanges resulting from unauthorized handling of client funds. Each of you should be very excited with MyBlockX’s decision to become a decentralized Exchange, because this tells the crypto world, and regulators, that our client’s funds will always be safe and secure. Going forward, the MyBlockX Exchange Advisory Board will be tasked with the responsibility of making all major MyBlockX Exchange corporate decisions, which we know will be viewed very positively by everyone concerned about the crypto community, thus helping to ensure the continued growth of the MyBlockX Exchange. Going forward, it is believed these changes will have a dramatic and positive effect on how the MyBlockX Exchange is perceived in the Crypto space.  

MyBlockX Advisory Board Selection Process 

As a key component of our decentralization and the formation of the new Advisory Board, MyBlockX Exchange is now seeking candidates, who have staked BLKX tokens, and who are interested in becoming Advisors. Advisors will be appointed, following a thorough process of due diligence. To apply, please submit the following information to: [email protected] 

  1. Full name, address and citizenship;
  2. Photo of your Passport details page, including your photograph;
  3. Photo of your Driver's License; 
  4. Description of quantity of BLKX tokens you have sequestered in the BLKX Staking Program, owned specifically by you;
  5. Your MyBlockX full account information, in order to fully meet KYC requirements;
  6. Photo of a current Utility bill showing your name and address;
  7. A true and accurate detailed personal or professional, or business career resume, including complete details of full name, residential address, education, entire career experiences and areas of interest, which would assist an Advisory Board in conducting its affairs.
  8. Applications will be accepted up to 5:00PM Eastern, February 3, 2023.


I look forward to a great 2023 and beyond for the MyBlockX Exchange and all of you in our loyal community. 


Warmest Regards, 

Shawn Harris